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outdoor clothesdrying system

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"had enough of climbing onto wet gear?"

try hangdri

hangdri Blue 1

easy to use

opening leggings and raincoats, creating air flow to -

reduce drying time

extend clothing life

minimize odours

New Red Grey raincoat

Used to aid the air drying of outdoor water proof legging pants / raincoats typically worn by farm workers and the alike – outdoor recreational / sports people; emergency services; anyone working in the rain.

Testing has shown that once the leg area and waist band is held in an open state, the dry time is reduced by exposing both the inside and outside of the legging at the same time, while creating a chimney effect.

Feed back to date has shown a clear improvement on current practice, and is seen as a way of addressing a real problem by providing an enhancement to ‘daily life’ resulting in an economic, convenient solution to drying wet leggings / raincoats.

The hangdri is made from formed and welded, powder coated 5mm steel wire.
Each unit is supplied with two screw in hooks and cord to hang it from.

Manufacturers of 'Flex'-type rain wear advise against
storing their garments while damp - so... hangdri

Made in New Zealand

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Blue Wet Leggings
Blue Wet Rain Coat Red Rain Coat

outdoor clothesdrying system

 ...just hang and dri...

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